And So I Ponder…

Man, today, I really feel on edge, like things are not working out like they should? Somewhere along the line, I made a simple mistake, and now watch things unfold and move away from reach. Sometimes it is very hard to communicate with other humans, and I should just stop worrying for a while.

My parents came down to Saint George, and spent a few days down here with me. It is hard to see them go every time, because I want to be near my loved ones. My brother is coming back from New York, this August, and we are going to room together, somewhere in Cedar City. I’m missing family way too much lately. My vehicle is still broken down, and I’m working like mad to earn the money and keep bills paid. School is up in a few weeks, and I’m working at the Chevron in Saint George. Tonight, I’m training for the graveyard shift.

No matter how hard I try, chance has me chained by the ankles, once again. It can surely be a lonesome world at times, but when you lose your footing, you just have to keep moving, and loving life. That is the way I have often known it.

I’m uncertain; I worry about many things, even those small details. I have my doubts way too much. I wander how far down I allow my self-esteem to tread, on occasion, too? 😉

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