The Christmas Dream

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is one of the rare Christmas poems that I wrote for the season. I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Christmas Dream

Tonight it snowed, but the fire danced.
The lights twinkled on the little spruce tree.
The children sang to their grandmother,
but now they sleep in their cozy beds.

The fire keeps the cabin warm in winter’s deep.
The soft bells are jingling in her mind.
We go back in time, when Jesus was born.
It was a miracle beneath the starry skies of Bethlehem.
Across the shadowy land, the shepherds
watched their herds of sheep.

The Christmas Spirit is strong tonight.
That Christmas tree sparkles.
The children sang their carols into memories,
and the old woman wept quietly in joy.

While battles are fought in far off lands,
and the snowy mountain freezes cold,
at least the little cabin is safe on Christmas Eve.
The dark earth kindles the ancient forest,
as a great-horned owl drinks the silvery moon.

The Grandmother dreams of the baby Jesus
wrapped warmly in a manger.
The candles burn bright in the Christmas dream.
The children sleep in their beds –
Inside the warm little cabin.

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