It is in Me

It is windy tonight.
The fiery sun sinks into
the mountains of burnished slopes.
Stars flood the heavens deep.

The canyon voice
whips through the Pinion and Juniper.
The basin below is cold and dusty.

The mountains are singing all night.
Come to me, say the mountains,
travel far into the wild
where the unknown waits.
The Tree Man will care for you…

It is in me.
I’m walking through a deep forest,
of gigantic pines.
I can see myself moving about
in the dream.

I’m a tree.
My arms are branches.
My feet are the roots.
I grow tall beside a
small mountain cabin.

2 thoughts on “It is in Me”

  1. Yup, back to school at a different university, in a different town, but in Southern Utah. I sure do miss Flagstaff though… The people are great! Santa Fe may be my next pit stop… Haven’t decided on that one. Thanks for inquiring, Zoey! 🙂


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