Candled Skies

Laying on my back beneath stars
galaxies and glowing gases
I think of the Creator.

There is no end, nor beginning.
There is no touchable ceiling.

Earth roams a mysterious-muted void
around a young star, quietly roaring.

My mind cannot wrap around infinity
nor the atrocious chasms of outer-space.
What about a 4th dimension?

For now,
I’ll just listen to the canyon wind
singing to my ancient soul
beneath those candled skies.

2 thoughts on “Candled Skies”

  1. kewl. i LIKE your stuff.

    there is something new on my blog. thanks for asking…

    it’s just been TOO hot. the sardine can that i live in is typically 101 degrees F. …and any creativity i have melts like a thin mint left after lunch on the car dash with the windows rolled up. 🙂



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