Canyon Country Western Arts

I am not satisfied with the current design for this weblog, so I am going to change things around a bit. It was supposed to be an experiment, but I’ve become greatly attached to this. I haven’t quite figured out how to use it? There is two other places that I do some serious writing; my personal hardback journal, and my notepad where poems are born. The blog is more informal, but highly personal?

This morning, I’m just waiting on some clothes in the dryer, and then I’m headed to the Canyon Country Western Arts Festival which is just a few blocks from home. They’re going to have a couple singing groups from the Paiute tribe, which I look forward to. Many local artisans are there to display their work. Later on, the spotlight will focus on the cowboy poets and musicians, my favorite being the yodeling contest!

My brother and I are planning a trip tonight. We hope to travel to Toroweap, located 66 miles south of the Utah/AZ state line. It?s on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We will hopefully depart March 19, next week.

I’ve been stuck here in this worthless town all Spring break. My car is shipwrecked in the driveway and nothing to do. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon, so I can go out into the boonies.