What a Day

To My Dad in Salt Lake –

If your reading this; I just want you to know that I am grateful for everything you’ve done for Joe and me. You’ll always be my Number One Father! Nothing will transcend that either. Actions always speak louder then words!


Journal Entry –

I nearly drowned in classes today. I’m taking a Middle Eastern Politics class, Sociology, and another class titled Social Problems. They all seem connected. More and more, the education is challenging my beliefs and opinions. Wow!! Three wake-up calls today on the path towards awareness. I want to weed out any terrible Prejudices that might still be lurking in me, and stab ’em all to death!

Life is good. People are beautiful. And Earth and Sky are all beautiful. My family and friends are beautiful, and I love them very much.

Tonight is a happy night; a good evening to say something positive. I received a lot of knowledge today, so perhaps this is the after-affect. It’s more like an afterglow.

Have you ever herd the quote; “Nothing is more wonderful then losing a closed-mind!” …Wow!