Hiking Today

I took my cousin, and brother hiking in some mountains across Parowan Valley today. They are located Northeast of Cedar roughly about 20 miles. We’ve made two attempts to locate a pictograph site that a kind fellow named Tom Harris, showed me about three years ago. It was like trying to find a lost gold mine. We found nothing, but our efforts weren’t fruitless. We got to see an awesome sunset, and everything was in a crimson glow. We didn’t get out of the canyon until after dark. The light of full-moon provided plenty, so we could locate the car. I take that old Honda Civic everywhere, including down 4 Wheel drive trails, and still is running like new. I paid 500 dollars for daisy, but she’s getting rusty and old; It’s only months now before she’ll retire.

I contacted Mr. Harris tonight. His health is not good, but he’s a happy person. He insisted on coming with my brother and me tomorrow, so that we can we can locate Pictograph site. I have my Nikon loaded with film, so I will take some photos and let you know how the trip goes.