Dealing with the Hate

On some days, I wander what is wrong with this world. The confusion that hate creates is nothing more then an unreasonable burden. Some people are probably deep in their own pain. I believe that every Human Being has the power to change their ways and drop the hate, racism, and stereotypes. Weeding out personal egos has always been a challenge in me.

Racism is going to die hard in Amerikkka. It’s sooo deeply rooted in the US Nation; it won’t die without a fight. Resistance is the only way.

Could the fact be simple? If hate ever disappeared from this world, and people realized what a beautiful circle that this planet creates, maybe there could be room for change? There is a purpose to this life.

If this a personal paradigm, then help me break it. My perception is forever evolving and this message is probably nothing more then jabber.