It was cloudy today, I thought it might rain. The weather cheered up though and it’s warm and sunny. The trees are calm and not much is happening in the little town of Cedar City.

While eating breakfast on the porch this morning, a hummingbird came into the yard pollinating the flowers, and it stayed for a while. Cute little fellow, he was happy!

We don’t see too many of them in mother’s yard. Out in Parowan where my grandmother has hummingbird feeders hanging all over the place – including the garden, there are plenty of them flying everywhere. They’ve nested on my grandma’s porch, in the light sockets where the bulbs hang out on the ceiling. They use the same nests every year and its fun just to sit there and watch them.

Southern Utah hummingbirds are very hyper, they often like to get into fights and play tag while feeding. Sometimes they forget your presence and come within arms reach of slamming ya. They have no fear, except when humans come near their nesting spots. Hummingbird mothers are very protective and can get nasty. It’s best to keep a safe distance away, lest you don’t mind getting pelted!

So a big part of summer is the hummingbirds. If it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t be the same. Just like it wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t hear a billion crickets serenading on those warm desert nights.