The Lamoreaux Family Reunion

This morning I will head out to our ranch at Summit, Ut, to help my Grandfather lay sod for this little yard he is making. Summit is out there in the Sage Brush.

This weekend we are having the Lamoreaux Family reunion. My grandpa was in charge of it this year, but waited until the last moment to get things prepared. My mother helped out with organizing the events, such as dinner plans, a family talent show, and other cool things.

Theres no Bathrooms out at the ranch, no running water in any of the houses either. I’m a little worried about the older folks who will be attending, but if all else, theres the Sunshine Truck Stop less that two miles away! It seemed kind of crazy to hold a reunion out there, but my grandfather insisted. So today he’s laying sod down for an instant lawn people will be able to sit upon, instead of sage brush and dirt! 🙂 The Idea makes me chuckle a bit!

Anyways, the whole family reunion is not being hosted out there. We talked Grandpa into hosting the rest of it at my Uncle Ben’s house here in town. I guess that’s where they will do the talent show too and I haven’t decided what I’m going show-off?