From Liberal to Conservative to Decolonized

I was Liberal until I became educated & that turned me Conservative until I learned more and realized the whole damn thing was bullshit. That’s when I started to unlearn over the next two decades and realized everything I had ever been taught, indoctrinated with, and fed was BS – So I started breaking the windows of everything I knew, or thought I knew, and that’s where the beginning of the real education started. This unlearning is where true #Decolonization began, which is a positive term for me, because it was a re-awakening! Two decades later, I’m still deprogramming and rewiring as I learn the real truth of the bigger picture. That’s how F-ed up the Western Vulture is! Yet the members of that dominant culture think they know something while their science tries to discover things… Weird. Photo by me, captured in the #Bootheel of #NewMexico of an old abandoned christian church!

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