Thoughts About Mormon LDS Missions – A Heartfelt Reflection

Some people change and sometimes they change forever for better or for worse. I’ve always had mixed feelings on how Mormon missions change some people in this regard. I love being LDS but the mission field really has changed a lot of my friends and family and it’s powerfully bitter-sweet. I can’t think of any other word to describe it. I had to share this thought as I never served a two-year mission. The fallout has left me with many unhealthy regrets over the years. I’m a good Mormon and I love my Heavenly Father but often get confused by some of the indifferences that I am left to endure and feel amongst my own people

1 thought on “Thoughts About Mormon LDS Missions – A Heartfelt Reflection”

  1. Your stake president told you that even if you served only 5 minutes, that by responding to the call you could change lives. I think the Lord called you so that I would know where to look for family history. I thought it was great you got both sides of my family together at your farewell. That had never happened before! It also inspired Aunt Carole to have the Lamoreaux family reunions she held for six years after. Service is never wasted even if you didn’t stay longer. What matters more is the direction your life is headed now. Without the church in your life, it will never end up eternal, no matter what philosophy you feel free to follow. I have a testimony that this is the only true church on the face of the Earth and that it is organized and led by none other than the Savior himself. Repentance and faith create a spiritual man that lasts forever and leads to joy.


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